Is Bouncement For Me?

Bouncement is an online employment education site that connects all the participants involved namely individuals, employers, educators and employability experts.

As an individual, you can join Bouncement for free.  But you may be wondering, for example, if Bouncement is just for executives or managers.  The answer is that employability affects us all and no matter what you do, what level you are at, or where you are located, Bouncement is suitable for anyone and everyone!

The key advantages for an individual participating in Bouncement is that it allows you to complete a thorough employability profile.  You can also at anytime, anywhere access our discussion Forum to “bounce” ideas, experiences, feedback, and career insights off the community which includes your peers as well as employability experts from companies, educational institutions, career development firms and recruitment agencies.

As indicated, whilst Bouncement is suitable for anyone and everyone, it is of particular value to the following individual groups:

  • Students transitioning from the education sector in to the workforce
  • Recent graduates seeking to secure their first (or preferred) job
  • Other career transition moves such as:
    • Personnel from the defence force, emergency services, correctional services, etc. who are joining “civvy street”
    • Healthcare workers, teachers, public servants and the like looking for a change
    • Single parents returning to the workforce
  • Disadvantaged:
    • Those with disabilities
    • Those whose circumstances are preventing them from receiving an education and access to employability skills training and career mentoring

So, to reiterate – Bouncement is completely free to join and is for anyone and everyone looking to improve their employability skills and so increase their chances of landing the right job.

It’s Your Life.  It’s Your Career. You Own It.

Join Bouncement for FREE to build your Bouncement Employability Profile, and then access the Bouncement Forum for advice on how to further develop your employability skills.



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