Short Guide for Founders

Thinking of or Just Starting a New Business? Welcome to The Bouncement Short Guide for Founders:

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There is a lot more involved in thinking, designing, investing, building and growing your business, but hopefully you will find our Short Guide For Founders a helpful starting point.  Our Guide is based on firsthand experience of having been involved in 6 successful start-ups (including one in Silicon Valley) over the last 20 years.

If you would like further information and advice on starting your own business, you can also register for free at  Once you have done so, you can then build out and manage your Profile, with an orientation towards employability as an Entrepreneur and Founder.  You can also access our Forum where you can connect online anytime, anywhere with others who have successful experience in the world of start-ups and business/personal leadership.


If you would like to connect with us for further advice and coaching on starting up your business, then please contact us at to schedule a free half-hour introductory one-on-one session with Stephen Harvey, co-Founder & Director of Bouncement.  The session can be conducted either by telephone, Skype or in person .

Good luck with your new business!


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