The Resume is Dead

Do you know what happens when you send out your resume?

It’s likely the person receiving and checking your resume (and cover letter) is very busy and doesn’t have time to read through it in detail. This means they’ll probably use a quick vetting process to make a decision before putting your resume in one of three piles: Yes, No, Maybe. They usually make this decision in less than 10 seconds. Most of the time, if you don’t make the ‘Yes’ pile you’ll never hear back, or at best you’ll get a generic “thanks, but no thanks” email. Making it to the ‘Yes’ pile is no guarantee either that you’ll progress to the next stage of the hiring process.

I refer to this as the “post and pray” approach – this is where you email your resume to someone and pray that it actually gets read and that you receive a response!

When I applied for my first job, I spent hours perfecting my resume. Each word was carefully chosen. Margins were neatly aligned. Font type and size was thoughtfully decided. After all, it was all about me!  In those days, the resume was the be-all and end-all in getting a job. There was no room for error because in almost all cases it was the key that got you in the door.

Not anymore!

The traditional resume still has some relevance to the job hunt, but it has ceased to be the most important document and many companies are now not even considering resumes as part of their recruitment process.

So what should you do instead? Experts say you need to create a personal brand instead.

One way to do that is by developing your Employability Profile.

What is an Employability Profile?

Your Employability Profile is a way to develop and showcase your personal brand.

At Bouncement, our take is that your Employability Profile should serve a number of purposes. Firstly, it should, like a resume, be regularly visited and updated to reflect your career achievements and progression. But it is much, much more than a resume.  A completed profile will provide you with a much deeper sense of who you are, what you want, and how to get it. And importantly why! Once you build and maintain your employability profile, you will have an improved level of confidence and self-awareness, something that prospective employers will pick up on and favour in an ever increasingly global and competitive employment market.

The Bouncement Employability Profile Builder contains the following 11 modules:

  1. Biodata
  2. Aspirations
  3. Values
  4. Employability Skills Self Assessment
  5. Why Hire Me
  6. Who I Am (Video)
  7. Interviewing Skills
  8. Networking Skills
  9. Resume (yes, still there but only one part of the profile!)
  10. Leveraging Social Media
  11. Referrals & References

The resume is dead….or on life support at best!  Join the future today and start working on your Employability Profile!

It’s Your Life.  It’s Your Career. You Own It.

You can join Bouncement for FREE to build your Bouncement Employability Profile, and then access the Bouncement Forum for career coaching and advice from your peers and experts on how to further develop your employability skills.



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